Study in Quebec

Predominantly a French-speaking province in Eastern Canada, Quebec is the largest province of Canada. It mainly attracts French-speaking students who wish to study, live and work in French- Speaking environment to feel home ay from home. But, with the gradual passage of time students from other parts of world also migrated to Quebec to experience the world class education offered by various Universities in Quebec.

Every year nearly 25,000 international students come to study in French or English-speaking institutions of Quebec.

Why study in Quebec:

Quebec offers golden opportunities to students to learn in a hassle for and creative environment. Some of the benefits of study in Quebec are enlisted here.

  • Quebec’s higher education institutions offer high quality teaching and internationally recognized qualifications.
  • Extensive choice of courses available in both French and English language.
  • Tuition fees are relatively reasonable.
  • The cost of living in Quebec is lowest as compared to other provinces in Canada.
  • Modern facilities and infrastructures are available.
  • A multi-cultural environment and alluring landscape is available.

Study expense in Quebec:

For international students, tuition fees are the same at all public institutions for studies at the same level, but vary according to your selected subjects. Every year the Ministry of Education, Sport and Leisure adjusted the fees annually.

For international students, university charges are as follows:

  • Tuition fees (payable by all, including home students).
  • a supplementary, international student’s fee; in certain circumstances it is possible to gain an exemption from this fee. The international fee was 8 760 $CAN for level one students in 2006-2007, rising to 9960 $CAN for students of medicine, arts and pure and applied sciences.
  • Note that tuition fees has been revised.

At graduate level the tuition fee is the same for levels two and three, but the international fee is slightly lower. There are some student’s scholarships also available for international students.

Visa requirement:

To study in Quebec province, a student visa or student permit is essential. Before applying for visa, it is advisable to have a thorough research about the various Universities in Quebec.

To apply for a study permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), you first need to have a letter of acceptance from the designated learning institution which you plan to attend in Quebec. In addition, you must have received or applied for a Certificatd’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) or certificate of acceptance which is issued by the province of Quebec. Along with your receipt of application fee which is evidence that a student is financially self sufficient to complete his/her study and manage living expenses in Quebec as required.

Other requirements are character certificate, health certificate and Police verification is also mandatory.

Apart from all these, if a student has knowledge of English and French languages then it will be an added benefit for the student.

Visa Interview:

Last but not the least, to qualify for higher study in Qubec it is mandatory to appear for visa interview at the country’s Canadian embassy.

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