Immigration to Canada

Blessed with scenic beauties of vast Pacific and Atlantic coasts, snow -capped mountains, wild jungles, multi-cultural cities viz Ottawa, Toronto, Montréal, Québec, Vancouver and Halifax etc, Canada is an enticing nation to live. Apart from its natural hot spots, Canada also boasts endless opportunities for skilled professional and aspiring engineering students etc.

Canada is a dream destination for immigration as Canadian Government allows immigrants all across the globe to live, study, work and do business in the country with equal rights for all citizens.

The department of immigration and citizenship department is the most vital department of Canadian government. It has developed systematic immigration criteria to recruit skilled professionals and business class immigrants into the country.

Immigration Rules and Procedures:

Thanks to liberal immigration rules of Canadian government, from 1992 to 1999 UNO has declared Canada as best country to reside in entire world for landed immigrants. Similar to other nations, Canadian Immigration Policy has been divided into two type’s namely Temporary immigration and Permanent Immigration. This means an individual can come to Canada under any of the below two broad classes.

  1. Temporary immigration into Canada:
  2. Visitor visa; (Tourist visa)
  3. Student Authorization; ( Student visa)
  4. Employment authorization; (Work permit)
  5. Live-in-Caregiver;
  6. Fiancee or Fiancé; (While in Canada )
  7. Humanitarian & Compensate ground; (While in Canada)
  8. Permanent Immigration to Canada:
  9. Independent Class or professional class or skilled worker class;

[Occupation under which application for immigration to Canada can be made as of 26.06.2010]

If you are not on this occupation you have following options to apply for immigration of Canada:

(i) If you have 2 years of experience of working in Canada in last 3 years you can apply for immigration of Canada under Canadian Experience class;

(ii) If you have studied in Canada for 2 years and have one year work experience you can apply for immigration of Canada under Canadian Experience class;

(iii)If you are ready to learn French language you can apply under Quebec skilled worker class.

(iv) If you are on H1B visa in USA you can apply under Alberta Skilled worker program.

(v) If you have company to sponsor you in Canada, you can apply with confirmed job offer.

  1. Business Class;
  2. Self – employed class;
  3. Family sponsorship;
  4. Government Visa Fees:

New rules have been created by the Canadian government which came into effect from Ist May 2014. This rule made credential evaluation compulsory and take less time for evaluate new application submitted till 31.12.2014.

Due to Express Entry Scheme of Canadian government it is expected to increase in the number of Canada immigration from 1st January 2015. Various visa sub classes namely Federal Skilled Worker program, Federal Trade Worker program, PNP, Canadian work experience class etc may be merged in the Express Entry class and the suitable profiles may be selected and invited from the online skill select database of the government of Canada. Since these variations are in the process so we will inform our clients more about the scheme under our news section at appropriate time as and when the scheme is launched.

For business class immigrants also Canadian government has Business Immigration Programme to offer and for family immigration, if you are a citizen or PR holder of Canada then your family members can reside with you as permanent resident as you can sponsor them under the Family Sponsorship visa scheme. This process requires extensive documentation and we at Asha Kiron Immigration Services Pvt Ltd are at your service 24×7.