Do I get a Permanent Resident card of Canada as soon as my Canada Immigration Visa is issued?

You will only become a Canadian permanent resident on your landing in the country with your valid passport and valid immigration visa.

How do I know if I qualify for immigration to Canada?

We suggest you to complete and submit our free online assessment form or call us directly which we will evaluate your eligibility without any charge.

How is a Work Permit different from a Canada Immigration Visa?

A work permit only permits the eligible person to stay in Canada for a limited period of time, also may have some restrictions on the basis of type of employment which is been pursued.

How long does the Canadian Immigration application process need?

here are many aspects affect the processing time for immigration applications, which are:

  • Particular Canadian immigration visa office processing your application.
  • Under which category you apply.
  • Way your application and supporting documents have been presented
  • Whether you need or need not to attend the interview.