Study in America

From time immemorial, United States of America is a pioneer in the field of higher studies and attracting numerous International students from all across the globe. This is a land of golden opportunities where dream comes true.

Study in USA is a hidden wish for most of the aspiring students as this country is dotted with world class educational institutions for higher education. Higher education in America is a given by several esteem educational institutions viz University of Arizona, University of Alabama system, University of Alaska system, University of Arkansas system, University of California system, University of Massachusetts system, Harvard University and many more.

To pursue higher education in American colleges and Universities, the first and foremost necessity is to acquire permission from USA government. To live and pursue higher study in USA requires good planning and preparation.

Visa requirement: –

Before applying for visa, it is mandatory that you must have a thorough research about the various college options and apply to maximum number of colleges.

It is essential for International students that they must prove their selected colleges that they are self –sufficient to pay all their fees and living expenses during their period of study.

Once the colleges are satisfied with the proves they send a I-20 form to the student. This I-20 form is very important to apply for a student visa and documents that the student is eligible for admission to the college and also gives a “report date” to join the classes.

Apart from I-20 form, there are some ore documents require for visa application.

  • Form DS-156, DS-158, DS-157(For males) from local US Embassy .
  • a passport ( valid for next 6 months preferably longer period)
  • a passport size photograph
  • Visa processing fee receipt

Visa Interview:

Last but not the least, to qualify for higher study in America it is mandatory to appear for visa interview at the country’s U.S embassy.

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